Results for East Midlands League, South Common, Lincoln, 04/03/2012

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Planner's Comments

I would not have thought it possible to get eight courses on an area that's probably just over a kilometre long and seven hundred and fifty metres wide. In the end it was achieved by keeping the actual course lengths more to the lower end of the recommended distances, but then using the climb up the hill, twice in the case of the blue and brown courses, to make up the distance. The actual course planning took about 3 months, with two individual visits to the common and one with Paul, the controller, to check out the control sites, which then marked by a stake or plastic gardening tag.

Throughout the process Paul has been of great help checking out each course as it was finished and both correcting and suggesting alternative sites where necessary. In my own mind the day itself went well. The numbers were a bit down, but the cold and wet weather probably put people off, especially those travelling any distance. They probably did not realise that skin is waterproof. It was an early start to set out the forty six controls, I was on the common by 6am. The last controls were in place by 8.30ish and with a couple of minor adjustments all was ready to go by 10am.

Remarks from those taking part in general seemed favourable and most people said that they enjoyed the event. I think the long last leg from 15 to 16 on the blue course attracted three or four comments, with people saying that there could have been a couple more controls in there to keep the interest going. Thanks to the helpers: the entry, start and download all went smoothly and it was great to see the number of people who stayed behind to help clear up. The only down point of the day was the disappearance of a stake and two kites that I had put out on Saturday from the woods. Its sad to think that people have to go up there to get their fun when they could be orienteering. I really enjoyed planning today and thank you to all those that helped.

Jeff Baker (LOG)

Controller's Comments

A virgin team of controller and planner is probably not the ideal scenario for LOG's only East Midland's event of the year, but, with no-one responding to John Mather's call for a controller from across the region, I stepped into the breach to ensure we had someone to give Jeff a helping hand in his first level C event as planner. Although he's still honing his skills, Jeff has barrel loads of enthusiasm for planning and, on the back of his work in this event, there's no doubt that he has the aptitude and dedication to go far in the planning world! He sent drafts of courses at frequent intervals and was always ready to take on board advice and worked hard on making the best of what can be a limited area for a full colour coded event.

We made the decision early on to avoid lots of mindless running on Brown and Blue, with repeated loops of the common, and thus kept the courses to the bottom end of the guidance regs and made sure no-one visited the same area more than they needed to. It's difficult to make the common overly technical, but hopefully the runners today felt that they had been suitably stimulated on the navigational front. The resultant times were quick, but it seemed from the feedback that no-one minded this too much and, despite the weather, people seemed to enjoy their day out in Lincoln! It would have been nice to have seen a few more East Midlands runners out there today, but I guess the weather was not conducive to enticing them over to this part of Lincolnshire

My thanks go to Sean and the dedicated LOG crew who made the event run so efficiently and helped to collect controls, pack away kit, and take the tent down in pretty horrendous conditions towards the end - well done everyone!

Paul Murgatroyd (LOG)

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