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Results for LOG Colour Coded, Twyford Woods, 10/04/2005

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Planners Comments:

"Twyford is almost as hard an area to plan in as it is to run. There is an increasing amount of good stuff, but to get to it you almost always have to go through an area of grot first. Most of you know that we should have been in Bourne, but last minute felling put paid to that and necessitated a late change to Twyford, which included updating the map as well as planning the courses. I did put signs in Bourne directing people to Twyford, apologies if they weren't prominent enough (or disappeared?).

The shorter courses almost plan themselves in Twyford, there are only so many places you can go, and it scares me how fast some juniors can run them! The middle section of the orange was at the top of the scale for technicality and stretched a few people, but I hope you appreciated visiting a new bit of the wood. I had hoped that the light green and green didn't visit too much of the grot, staying in the more pleasant eastern area, and most comments for these courses were very positive indeed. More people than I hoped went back through the start en route to the first control on the green, but the wood didn't look very nice from the master maps. In fact if you'd gone towards the start kite you would have seen a clear way in, I should have made that option more obvious. Similarly the first control on the brown which some turned into a dog-leg by missing the indistinct path opposite the start kite. The blue and brown have to visit the poorer western half of the map to get the distance in, joining the nice bits by short legs through grot. When planning I found lots of deer tracks to get through, but these are not so obvious at speed. But the brambles are dying down, honest!

Thanks to Glyn for his gentle controlling, two events on the trot controlling me in rather rushed circumstances can't be good for the blood pressure! Also to Steve Bones for helping with the map update"

John Bennett

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