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Results for Colour Coded, Lincoln South Common, 22/10/2006

Sunday 13:38 provisional results uploaded

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I have always liked South Common and in a toss up between it and Errwood I know which is the smart choice...If only a few other people realised!
This was Liam's first C4 event and I think he did extremely well.
He accepted and incorporated my suggestions whenever asked (although there were several that were faultless from the beginning)
Apart from some good humoured banter ( mainly from his Dad!) about the number of controls on the map I heard nothing but praise.
I accept full responsibility for the lack of second master maps but this was due less to an oversight and more to a belief by me that they were going to be 6 colour maps as opposed to 5...Still I think everyone eventually managed to remember how to mark up a map ;-) Oh and at least the spare blank maps can be used for the next event.
I understand this was the first time vandals had struck on at a LOG event...hopefully it will be the last! Fortunately they only removed 1 control (108) which affected white thru orange though they did uproot several others throughout the courses.
My thanks to the unknown competitor who stuck them back up.
Everyone has been credited with 108 accordingly.
As always working with the LOG team was a pleasure and I look forward to the next time.

Keith Streb NOC

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