South Common C4 2004 – Index

Results for Lincoln Orienteering Group, Lincoln South Common, 07/11/2004

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Planner's Comments  John Bennett

It is a long time since we had anything other than a low-key summer league or relay event on the Common, and we've certainly never had a blue or brown on there before. E-punching, and a long overdue re-mapping, meant that the Common was available when we had to cancel our event in Bourne for today, but we still had a few concerns. Would we have control vandalism? Would we get enough length for the longer courses without tiresome repetition? Would the undergrowth die down in time? Well I think we got away with it on all counts.
I hope everyone appreciated the start area, the first time we have gone onto the Common from there, maybe all pre-starts should have seats, a shelter and kiddies playground? It had the added advantage of throwing you onto the Common cold, instead of letting you see half of your controls before you started. 
Comments at the finish were all favourable, and as a planner I really appreciate it when people take the time to seek out event officials and have a chat. With hindsight I might have made more use of the tricky south-west corner, but you should have seen the height of the undergrowth when I started planning! I also could have got a bit more length out of the brown, but you wouldn't have thanked me for it I suspect. Apart from a couple of quick winning times most people were within BOF guidelines, and hopefully everyone went away glad that they made the trip on such a dank morning.
Thanks to the usual army of helpers, but especially Martin for his excellent controlling, Karl for organising despite getting his car smashed the day before, Ian and Leanne for our first string course in years, and Andy and Steve for keeping at least one PC working through the chaos.
Finally, apologies for hiding the cathedral from you today, you'll have to take my word for it that the view from the top of the Common is stunning on a clear day. Or maybe it was just a cunning ploy to get you all back again?


Controllers Comments  Martin Wheeler

It was a pleasure to control this event, made all the easier because of John's sensitively planned courses making use of the varied terrain on South Common. It is never easy planning for the novice (and there were qiute a few of them) and for those more at home in championship events. Comments overheard in the carpark suggested that the journey to Lincoln had been worthwhile and I am sure that this was in no small part due to the slick organisation of Karl and his merry team of LOGGERS. It was good to see a string course at the event and special thanks go to Leanne and Grandad. Special thanks also go to those who were patient in waiting to download following the failure of one of the laptops.

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