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Results for City Race, Lincoln, 05/09/2010

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Controller's Comments

I hope you all enjoyed your runs today and, for those for whom it was their first trip to Lincoln, saw what variety Lincoln has to offer.

Firstly, ‘well done’ to Liam for courses which proved challenging to many providing a mix a route choice, fast running and some surprises. Having the East of the city mapped opened up a couple of new areas which Liam used very imaginatively, including the arboretum and maze. A number of people were disqualified because they assumed theirs was the only control in the maze and so didn’t check the control code – there were actually three. The same seemed to happen for some in the Bishop’s Palace.

Secondly, thanks to Sean and his, as usual, very efficient and friendly band of helpers for the slick way in which they managed the various aspects of the event.

I have to offer a sincere apology to those on Course D who had an inaccurate control description for control 64. On the map the control description accurately described the control as ‘wall, east side’. However, when transcribed to written descriptions as taken in the start lanes it inadvertently appeared as ‘wall, West side’. I know some people were very upset about this and I can assure you that we are just as upset as we wanted this, our first attempts at planning and controlling an urban event, to go without hitch. We have taken the decision to remove leg 8 to 9 as being the fairest action we could think of without voiding the course completely, which seemed inappropriate in this level of event.

Some competitors felt that Course D was too easy. BOF Guidelines for urban events say that Courses 3 and 4 can be combined, thus putting M55+, W60+, W16/18, M70+ and W55+ on the same course. I’m sure if we had done this we would had M55s complaining it was too short or W55+ saying it was too tough, not least because of the climb we needed to make best use of the map. So, we took the decision to combine courses 4 and 5, trying not to compromise the technical difficulty of Course 4 too much.

To summarise, the courses had the following number of entries:

Course A (7.2km, 150m climb) – 42 competitors
Course B (6.3km, 120m climb) – 66 competitors
Course C (5.7km, 105m climb) – 70 competitors
Course D (3.0km, 60m climb) – 41 competitors (roughly 50:50 junior/super veteran women)

Well done to LOG on getting nearly twice as many competitors as last year, no doubt helped by the event’s inclusion in the Nopesport Urban League, the link with Sheffield’s urban event the previous day, as well as their growing reputation for Lincoln being a good event.

I also got a lot of constructive feedback about the courses, control descriptions and the map after the event, which I have shared with LOG. It is clear that there are differences of opinion about some aspects, including what is impassable, what appears in the seventh column of the control descriptions and how we indicated and enlarged the maze. It was interesting hearing people’s thought processes as they realised where they had made a mistake or interpreted things incorrectly.

I would conclude by thanking those of you who said you really enjoyed your course, despite finding it somewhat physical – who thought Lincolnshire was flat!

Ranald Macdonald, Derwent Valley Orienteers
6 September 2010