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Results for Belton, Belton Woods, 20/03/2011

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Controller’s Comments

In retrospect as a sufferer from cynophobia this perhaps was not the best area to volunteer to control an event. There must be more dogs per person in the environs of Grantham than anywhere else in the country (well, it was the Thatcher Government in 1988 that abolished dog licences) – think of all those 37pences that have not been collected since then – the present public deficit would be half – and more money would be available for funding non Olympic minority sports– but that’s another story.

My thanks go to Dave for many things, but firstly for arranging to check areas/put out controls etc. in the more heavily dog populated areas at dawn before the canine invasion, secondly for planning some interesting courses and utilising all contrasting areas of the map effectively, thirdly for being ultra organised and lastly for being totally stress free. All the above, coupled with the efficiency of Sean’s organisation and the support from all LOG members who had to man all three road crossings, made things go so much easier on the day.

Apologies for not spotting the incorrect numeric indices on the map scale bar - well done to the eagle eyed RAF Cadet; similarly I hope the last minute change to exclude a gate on the Green and Brown courses did not cause any problems (this rickety gate was going to be left slightly ajar when there were no livestock in the adjacent fields, however on Saturday we discovered the lambs etc. in the field and we did not want to risk damaging the gate further and incurring the wrath of the landowners). Thanks to DD again for marking the maps accordingly on Saturday evening – probably better than watching the rugby!

Pleased to see plenty of entries at this ‘classic’ event – there is still a demand for such events – it is always a pity when other events take place only 70 miles away in different Regions – no easy answer during the peak orienteering season. Congratulations to all course winners (from 5 different clubs). With LOG taking the first 3 places on the Brown, their increased number of Juniors and their importation of French elite athletes they have a chance of dethroning HALO at this year’s Lincolnshire Challenge (especially as I will be on holiday!!). Good luck in CST Final.

Peter Harris (HALO)

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