EMOA Championships 2024 – Report & Results

Chambers Farm Wood hosted the East Midlands Championships for the first time today and we hope everyone enjoyed their run. Our thanks go to: Planner, Craig Lucas: Controllers, David Jolly & Pete Harris (HALO) and to organiser, Sean Harrington, for all their work on the event, along with all the usual LOG volunteers helping out to make everyone’s experience as smooth as possible on the day. Although the going was very wet in places, at least the sun shone and the undergrowth was not too bad!

Control 42 Exclusion – Many will already be aware, but for those that left before the end of the event please note that we have made the decision to exclude the leg leading to control 42 on all courses. This effects competitors on the black, brown, short brown, green, short green & light green. At about 12:45, the planner and controller were made aware by multiple competitors that they believed control 42 to be in the wrong place. Some mentioned finding the tape for the control, and then finding the control in a different location. We found this odd, as the control had been placed at the taped location and checked by the controller earlier that morning. Because we were awarding prizes, the planner returned to the control site soon after and found that the control was no longer where it had been hung. Because of this, we made the decision to exclude the leg from the results. This was done before the prizes were awarded, so all winners can rest easy about having their prizes taken away.

Congratulations to the following LOG runners who claimed titles today:
W18 – Hannah Mather
M18 – Josh Bones
M21 – Rich Crabb
M40 – Ben Cluderay
W50 – Tanya Taylor
W60 – Amanda Roberts
M60 – Ade Chapman

Results are here and RouteGadget is available now to plot your route here.

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