Fight the Night Series 2024

2024 sees the twelfth LOG night series, with 4 events running on consecutive Wednesday evenings between the start and end of February, and this year sees the continuation of the concept of a ‘league cup’. Open to all, this series is suitable for everyone from novice to experienced orienteers.

Each event comprises of a single 45 minute score race, with a mass start. Collect as many controls from the 20 available as you can in within the 45 minute time limit. Each control is worth 10 points; there is a time penalty of -10 points for each minute (or part thereof) over the time allowance. An age handicap system will be used to arrive at a final adjusted score for each event.

Registration will be open from 6:15pm, with a mass start at 7:00pm. Course closes at 8:00pm. Entry for each race is £5.00 for LOG/BO members (adults), £6.00 for non-members, £3.00 juniors (all), and includes SI dibber hire. Entries will all be via the SIentries system and no entries will be available on the day.

The orienteer’s placing for the final round will be based on their age-adjusted scores so far in the series. The planners of each event are awarded a ‘joker’, which means a ‘free’ score to replace the one they lose from the event they plan, and this is based on their average scores across the rest of their runs in that series. There will then be a final round, where runners are placed into sub-groups according to their previous scores (ie. Cup, Plate, Shield, etc.), with the best 8 runners competing for the overall title. Winners’ prizes will be awarded in each of the following categories:

  • Cup Winner
  • Cup – 2nd place
  • Cup – 3rd place

Click here External Link for the series table.

Bring a head torch!