Results for East Midlands League - Level C, Harlaxton College Campus, 03/03/2013

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Planner's Comments

The planning of Harlaxton was undoubtedly made a lot easier by the fact that it was a middle distance event. I wouldn't like to think of planning a long distance event there. Overall, the seven courses were not that hard to sort out once I had got used to the distances and the fact that I would have to use cross overs for the longer courses. What made it difficult were the changes required to the map, in all I think that between Paul and myself we made over fifty changes, ranging from putting on the new footpath to adding a new scale bar. All the manholes had to be added, as was the do not cross lines on the southern boundary wall, or 'Ha-Ha's' as I now know they are called. Roger Edwards advice though out the planning has been invaluable and the success of today is in part down to him. Lastly, thank you to all the willing helpers form the club after all it is a team event and now I can look forward to the next one.

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