Spring Series 2024

April 4th sees the return of the LOG Spring Series, with 6 events running weekly on Thursday evenings. Open to all, this series is suitable for everyone from novice to experienced orienteers.

Start times for all races are between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. Courses close at 8:00pm (Note: may be earlier in first couple of events).

There will be 3 courses available at each event:-

Course Details

Short: 2-3 km, a line course of yellow/orange (TD2/3) standard

Long: 4-6 km, a line course of long orange/light green (TD3/4) standard

Technical: 3-5 km, light green/green (TD4/5) standard using techniques suitable to the area (score course, map memory, windows & corridors etc.)

Entry fee is £6 for LOG/BO members, £7 for non-members, £3 for juniors and includes SI dibber hire. All entries will be via SiEntries, with no entry on the day.

Points will be awarded from your best 4 events towards a series award for each course. Presentation of awards will be made at the end of the final event.

The final previous 2023 Spring Series table is available here External Site

Please contact the series co-ordinator, Sean Harrington on 01522 791344 for more information.