Winter Series 2013/4

2013/14 sees the 6th LOG Winter Series, with 6 events running on Saturday mornings between November and January. Open to all, this series is suitable for everyone from novice to experienced orienteers.

Coaching and instruction will be available between 10am and 11am for beginners and improvers, with races to follow (from approx. 10.30am onwards). Start times for all races are between 10:30am and 12pm. Courses close at 1pm.

There will be 2 courses available at each event; an easy Short and a more challenging Long. Both of these courses will be ideal for beginners new to the sport and for those more experienced orienteers.

Course Details

Short: 2-3 km

Long: 4-6 km

Entry fee is £3 for LOG/BO members, £4 for non-members, £2 for juniors and includes SI dibber hire.

Points will be awarded from your best 3 events (handicapped according to age category, based on a modified East Midlands League model) towards a series trophy for each course. In the event of a tie, a ‘count back’ procedure will apply to the next best scores.

The Winter Series table is available here External Site

Please contact the series co-ordinator, Sean Harrington on 01522 791344 for more information.