Lincoln City Race 2023 – Results

Our thanks to everyone who contributed to the annual Lincoln city race today, especially Planner: Ally Wright; Controller: Paul Murgatroyd: and Organiser: Sean Harrington.

Congratulations to the following course winners:

Men’s Open: Leon Foster (AIRE)
Women’s Open: Vicky Bailey (CLARO)
Men’s Veteran: Karl Marshall (SYO)
Women’s Veteran: Emma Jarrett (WAOC)
Men’s Superveteran: Richard Parkin (SYO)
Women’s Superveteran: Sue Hartley (WAOC)
Men’s Ultraveteran: Mike Frizzell (BADO)
Women’s Ultraveteran: Patricia Davies (BL)
Men’s Hyperveteran: Martin Wilson (BKO)
Women’s Hyperveteran: Sheila Carey (OD)
Men’s Junior: Chun Yan Alistair Fu (WAOC)
Women’s Junior: N/A

Final results can be viewed here, with Routegadget, to upload your routes and analyse your runs, can be accessed here.

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