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Twyford Woods, 28/04/2002

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I don't know how I landed the job as organiser, I must have been nominated by someone! This was my first go at the job and I didn't really know what I was letting myself in for. Anyway, thanks must go to Ian Durrant for getting all the kit to Twyford and putting the road signs out etc. Also for his help and advice before and during the event. Finally thanks to all the LOG helpers and anyone I may have forgotten. The event went very well with few problems on the day.

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Planner's Comments  

Well, that's my first planning of an event out of the way. No, I'm not making excuses. Some competitors found the Orange a little difficult, and my apologies to the first few White runners with the wrongly labelled kite, but overall I'm very pleased with the event . The vast majority of the comments, (that I heard), were positive which is very encouraging, or about the amount of flora and forna encountered!

I realise that the western part of the map for the Green, Blue and Brown courses was not classic orienteering. The routes were not based on attack points and catching features but were dictated more by the high-fenced areas and conservation areas such as a butterfly sanctuary that had to be avoided.

Seeing several people do the Purple course made it's planning worthwhile, as it can turn out to be a disproportionate amount of planning for sometimes no competitors to enter.

Well done to Karl Pickworth for organising his first event. This turned out to be a LOG event of firsts.

Lastly I wish to thank the Controller, Keith Streb, for all his assistance and support, without which the planning would have been a much larger and ominous task.


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